Autumn Breaks & Easter Treats with Mizzie the Kangaroo! (part 1/2)

Autumn Breaks & Easter Treats with Mizzie the Kangaroo! (part 1/2)
Easter Activities with kids
Easter school holidays in Australia are always a wonderful time of year - it's generally our last proper chance to get outdoors while the weather is warm enough for camping adventures - meaning it can often be our last chance to really get outdoors and enjoy everything our beautiful country has to offer until the Spring!
It's also a time filled with fun and crafts as Easter means lots of EGGS-citing activities with little ones at home.. and then once pre-school and "big" school starts, the fun of Easter continues in new ways.
If you're looking to add a little fun to family life this Easter why not try a few of Mizzie's Most Favourite Easter activities!
From getting little hands dirty while painting brightly coloured eggs, to baking paw print biccies, and creating a top notch Easter Parade hat with cotton balls and crepe galore!
Whatever way you're celebrating, we hope its packed with colour, variety, friends family, a whole bunch of giggles and of course, lots of developing little ones through FUN!

Easter Activity Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt
The team at Mizzie HQ love the classic Easter Egg hunt, but wanted to find some new and interesting ways to go about creating a fun easter experience  this year!
Whether it's your first Easter Egg Hunt with a little  one or your 50th (simply because YOU love the thrill  of Easter hide and seek), we encourage you to check  out some of the ideas we've found below and stay tuned as we share more next week!

1. Count Your Eggs!

If your little ones are just learning about numbers, we've found a counting Easter Egg hunt just for you!
This FREE at home printable by Typically Simple can help your little mathematician get started with numbers! 

2. Mizzie's EGGS-tra Puzzling Easter Hunt!

Puzzle Hunt
If your kids love to play hide and seek, they will LOVE it even more with a Mizzie twist! To conduct Mizzie's EGGS-tra Puzzling Easter Hunt, simply hop over to our new Mizzie Collectible Puzzles, pick your favourites and then prepare for FUN! We've used some bright coloured plastic eggs purchased from a local supermarket, but you might like to include a mini egg with each puzzle piece, or perhaps tie them with a ribbon if you need them to stand out a bit more.
Once your Easter hunt time arrives, simply place the portable puzzle pieces into one or two rooms of your house, or in common play areas where your little ones will know where to look!
If your children are a bit older, you may even like to include some clues to help them guess where the puzzle pieces are hidden!
Then, hand over the perfectly portable little puzzle carry case and off they go on the hunt for Mizzie's Puzzle pieces! 
Once all the puzzle pieces are found, they get to put it together!
If your little ones aren't so little anymore, why not create teams that can work together to find the puzzle pieces and put them together as a time trial!

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