Australia's Original Natural Teething Toy® and Educational Toys.

Sustainable. Recyclable. Purposeful.

And then there are true companions like Mizzie

Mizzie The Kangaroo is the familiar smile that will stay with your little one for the rest of their life.

Because she supported them through thick and thin. She evolved with them as they ticked off milestones. She sparked their love of learning in the critical early days.

She gave them comfort when the world seemed somewhat daunting.

Mizzie is about so much more

She is your opportunity to make a lasting impact without leaving a footprint.

Everything we do is specifically designed for switched-on humans like you looking for better ways to play.

We guarantee:

Maximum fun and care factor with
Minimum waste and nasties factor

Mizzie the Kangaroo is our collective journey towards better humans, better learning and a better environment.

She gave them comfort when the world seemed somewhat daunting.

Hi I’m Sandra Ebbott

Mizzie Founder, mum of two and passionate innovator.

Like so many business journeys, mine started over a morning coffee with friends in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

My firstborn was going through the challenging teething stage at the time, and the conversation organically moved to the obvious: teething toys.

And specifically how there was no natural product that spoke to the Aussie spirit and the iconic animals that make this continent of ours so unique.

I’ve always been a doer so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this ONE conversation was the glorious beginning of a 2-year journey to come up with Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy®.

Little did I know that one product would quickly become 2, then 3, and now nearly 15 products all making a real difference to your little one’s first 1000 crucial days in life.

It still blows my mind that one morning coffee has resulted in 100,000+ happy babies across the globe.

I couldn’t have done it without Team Mizzie

Our incredible stockists and the global warehouse & support teams behind the scenes.

Collectively, we are continuing to reshape how we as a society navigate our relationship with toys.

The best part and what each and every one of us love most?

Seeing families across the globe hop with joy as Mizzie The Kangaroo becomes a firm part of their lives.

(without leaving a lasting footprint)

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Proudly fully-circular and world-first

The Mindful Mizzie Recycling Program

We’ve partnered with Pearl Global, the world’s first low-emission rubber recycling plant, to repurpose your retired Mizzie The Kangaroo natural rubber teething toys in the construction of new roads in Queensland, Australia.

The Toys You Choose Today Can Positively Impact Their Tomorrow

More fun

We give your little one the best start in life through play-based learning.

Less toy waste

We consciously choose recyclable and all-natural as a truly sustainable alternative.

More giving back

We support local not-for-profits and charitable causes to create opportunities beyond our products.

Less status quo

We love doing things smarter and keep bringing innovations to the ‘traditional’ toy industry.

The bestsellers that have helped 100,000+ babies jumpstart their learning journey

Mizzie the Kangaroo Teething Toy

Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy® has supported 100,000+ babies globally (and their parents) through this emotional journey.


Sound Book ‘Sing with Mizzie’

The interactive sound book to awaken and ignite children’s love of singing and to encourage the love of reading


Musical Hop Out

This ‘Mizzie in the box’ teaches your little one to listen and wait and the effect of timing before Mizzie hops out and charms you to ‘Pop goes the Weasel’.