Autumn Breaks & Easter Treats with Mizzie the Kangaroo! (part 2/2)

Autumn Breaks & Easter Treats with Mizzie the Kangaroo! (part 2/2)

Easter Activities with kids

If you missed last week's post we encourage you to hop back and take a look at the first 2 of our Easter Egg Hunt ideas for your family to try this Easter break!
We're continuing with our list on some EGGS-tra FUN Easter Egg Hunt ideas below: 

3. Easter Advent Calendar

If your family LOVES an advent calendar, why not give an Easter one a go? It could be a brand-new addition to your family's traditions which your kids could pass onto their own one day! You could have it running from a few weeks before to a few days, or perhaps create one that lists chores that need to be done before the FUN can start! We've found this Easter Advent Calendar from Sarah Hearts and its so pretty with the pastel and bright coloured pouches ** insert heart eyes on the Mizzie team here*

4. Hippity Hoppity Mizzie Says!

Everyone knows kids don't like to listen to us at the best of times... except when those times are wrapped in a fun game like MIZZIE SAYS! Simply save the image below, print (black and white is fine!) and cut out each of the MIZZIE SAYS tiles, placing them inside a bright refillable egg, like the ones we've used above!
Then, hide the eggs, filled with one or two actions in each one around your backyard or house and encourage your little one to find them, following the actions within each egg! With a bunch of fun activities and space to add your own, it's bound to get everyone on the hop!

Save the above images to your device and print from there!

5. Mizzie Meets Nature

Mizzie LOVES to Be Active, especially outdoors so why not take the opportunity to go EEGS-ploring in your backyard or neighbourhood!
With Mizzie at your side, and a few of the bright little plastic eggs mentioned above, why not set off with the kids on a reverse Easter Egg hunt!
Once you've exhausted the Easter Egg Hunt, searching high and low for puzzle pieces and Easter Eggs, why not look for little bits of nature to collect and fill the eggs! Once you have your Mizzie Meets Nature collection of filled eggs, why not make Easter Egg art by sticking leaves or flowers onto an Easter Bonnet and have a parade! You might even like to use some of the leaves, bark, flowers or other items collected like a paintbrush and create an Easter masterpiece!

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