Create Your Easter Egg... then Race Them Too!

Create Your Easter Egg... then Race Them Too!



Thankfully, unlike Easter 2021 where so much of Australia was in lockdown, this year seems to be full steam ahead with lots of fun events and activities popping up around the country!

We are BIG fans of Easter activities at Mizzie, after all... its a perfect time to combine FUN with learning for little ones and those young at heart, but doing craft can mean a lot of clutter that ends up of your kitchen bench for weeks on end... trust us, we've been there (and some of us are STILL actually there right now!)

So, help you maximise Easter fun while reducing waste, and keeping your kids busy for longer, the Mizzie team have combined TWO Easter favourites to make a fun-filled day of activity - we call it... 

The Crowned Goat

Create Your Eggs & Race Them Too!

What you'll need:

2 Eggs per Child

Food Colouring (As Many Colours As You'd Like)

Approx 1 Cup of Uncooked Rice (2TBSP per colour you've chosen)

1 ziplock bag per colour

1 Large Tablespoon Per Child.

Race Markers

Step 1: Create Your Eggs! 

Using arts and crafts to ignite excitement and fun is the perfect way to get your little ones in the Easter spirit, especially when it's done in a cool or interesting way! 

At Mizzie, we love the tradition of colouring and customising some eggs and it's the perfect way to have your little one put their individual flavour in the game! 

Here's how we do it:

  1. In the morning, fill ziplock bag with about 2 tbsp of rice. Add 8 drops of the different food colouring you're little ones like in each cup. Close the pouch and shake well to coat the rice in colour. Set aside. Repeat for all colours.
  2. Place egg in the pouch with coloured rice and gently submerge in the dyed grains. Gently shake in a rolling motion, be careful not to crack them! Check every once in a while to see how your masterpiece is looking! Remove when you've perfected it! Repeat using different colours until all eggs are coloured.
  3. Set to dry for an hour or two and get ready for the race of a lifetime!

Mizzie Note: Something we really love about this method is the use of rice! It brings a whole new sensory element to the activity and can even be made into a mini instrumental session! And as a bonus, keeping it all contained in the pouch means less mess! 

Step 2: Let's Get Ready To Race!

 Tada! Your masterpiece Easter Eggs are ready and beautiful!

Now, they absolutely can sit there and wait for Mizzie's friend, the Easter Bunny, to hop on by and check them out! But after the Bunny comes, or if you're little ones have already moved on, it's time to repurpose them with some friendly fun! It's time for the family favourite Egg & Spoon Race!

How To Play: 

  1. Divide Yourselves into teams, get the whole family involved!
  2. Set up a 5 to 10 metre line for each team, mark it with whatever you have (a poll or bright object is best!).
  3. Pop your eggs on a spoon, 1 egg per team, per round! The aim of the game is to have all of your team members go around their marker and back without dropping your egg and before the other team finishes!
  4. If you drop you're egg, your team has to start again with another egg, but the team that finishes first wins! Woohoo!


Mizzie Note: We love this game because it teaches so many wonderful skills and it's also great fun! Your little one will start to develop cooperation, teamwork and fine-motor/co-ordination skills all without knowing it!

Don't want splattered Egg everywhere? No problems! Before you dye your eggs, poke a hole in the bottom with a needle and drain the egg out! Or boil them before they are dyed to prevent any little accidents. 

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