Mother's Day DIY Craft Activities

Mother's Day DIY Craft Activities

FREE DIY Mother's Day Activities for Toddlers

Mother's Day is on the horizon and what better way to celebrate the amazing mother's and mother figures in your little ones lives than with a handcrafted gift that doesn't cost the earth, but will mean so much more than the store bought items.

Here are some of our favourite Mother's Day Craft ideas below:

Recyclable Cardboard Picture Frame

There is always an empty box or two lying around the house. What better way to reuse the box than to create a meaningful frame for mum. 

What you will need:

  • cardboard 
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • crayons or water based paints (depends on how messy you want to get)
  • glue
  • a picture of your little one with mum

Optional extras - tissue paper, dried flowers, pom poms

1. Draw a square on your cardboard (the size is up to you). You will need to use a ruler and pencil to ensure the sides are even and straight. (Dad this might be your job).

2. Cut around the outer square first, then cut out the centre square. 

3. Place your frame on the leftover cardboard and cut out a square. This piece of cardboard will be used to glue to the back of your frame to keep your photo in place. 

4. Now comes the fun part. Decorating your frame. There is no rule for how you should decorate your frame. Here are a couple of examples for inspiration:


5. Insert your photo

6. Staple or glue the square cardboard to the back to safely hold your photo in

7. Add your favourite piece of ribbon or string to the top so you can hang for mum


Flip the Flap Flower Card

Let your little one share how they feel about mum with this fun and simple 'Flip the Flap Flower Card'. 

What you will need:

  • 2x A4 pieces of paper 
  • scissors
  • flower stencil (optional)
  • pencil
  • crayons or water based paints (depends on how messy you want to get)
  • glue

1. Grab one of your A4 pieces of paper and fold in half to create a card

2. Now draw a flower on the front of the card. The petals will be where your little one can write (with your help) how they feel about mum.

3. Draw a flower on your second piece of paper

4. Colour in both flowers

5. On the second flower you can write 'Why I love my mum', 'My mum is' or 'I love mum because.'

6. Now on the petals of the flower you have drawn on the card, write your little ones responses. 

7. Cut out the second flower and glue the centre of your flower to the centre of the flower on the card. Ensure all petals remain loose so that mum can see the responses.

8. Let your little one colour in the petals of the flower and decorate the card

See example below.

First Mother's Day

All the firsts with bubs are so magical and memorable. Make mum's first Mother's Day extra special with this fun 'My First Mother's Day' framed baby prints.

What you will need:

  • 1x piece of thick paper or thin cardboard (choose a size to fit your frame)
  • 1x picture frame
  • paint
  • printer or sharpie 

1. Using your printer (if you have one), print the words you would like to display on your paper / cardboard. Alternatively you can use a sharpie to add your words. Words can be as simple as 'My first Mother's Day 12 May 2024'. We have created a template you can use to print here

2. Now paint your little ones foot with water based paints and stamp it on your paper

3. Repeat this process with your little ones hand

4. Wait for your prints to dry

5. Place in your frame and wrap ready to present to mum 

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