An Experts Guide on Big Play, What it Means and the Developmental Benefits

An Experts Guide on Big Play, What it Means and the Developmental Benefits

What is Big Play?

"Big Play is all about lots of big movements," Wendy explained. It's often associated with outdoor activities in playgrounds, but it can just as easily take place at home in the back garden. The essence of Big Play is engaging toddlers in activities that involve running, jumping, throwing and catching, kicking, and chasing. These activities are not only fun but also crucial for developing various physical and cognitive skills.

The Benefits of Big Play

Wendy highlighted several key benefits of Big Play for toddlers:

  1. Muscle Development: Activities like running and jumping help strengthen large muscle groups, which are essential for overall physical development.
  2. Balance and Coordination: Big Play activities require toddlers to balance and coordinate their movements, which enhances their motor skills.
  3. Social Skills: Playing with other children in a playground or garden fosters social interactions, teaching toddlers important skills like sharing, taking turns, and cooperation.
  4. Cognitive Growth: Engaging in complex movements and play scenarios stimulates brain development, improving problem-solving abilities and creativity.

How to Encourage Big Play

Wendy shared some practical tips for parents to encourage Big Play at home and in playgrounds:

  • Create a Safe Play Space: Ensure your back garden or play area is safe and inviting for your toddler to explore and play.
  • Incorporate a Variety of Activities: Offer a mix of activities such as throwing and catching balls, playing chase, and setting up simple obstacle courses to keep playtime interesting and challenging.
  • Join in the Fun: Engage in play with your toddler to encourage their participation and show them how to perform different activities.
  • Visit Playgrounds Regularly: Take advantage of local playgrounds to provide your child with different play equipment and opportunities to interact with other children.


What is Big Play?

Big play just means lots of big movements. It's often outdoors in a playground, but it can be at home in the back garden. It's all about running, jumping, throwing and catching, kicking, chasing. Those kinds of really big activities that use lots of muscle work and include balance and skills and are just a whole lot of fun.

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