An Experts Guide on The First 1000 Days in a baby's Life

Midwife Lauren talks to Mizzie The Kangaroo's Founder Sanddra about the first 1000 days in a baby's life

Why the first 1000 days matter to your baby.

Founder of Mizzie The Kangaroo, Sandra Ebbott speaks with Lauren Williams, Midwife, Eve Health Obstetrics and Tapestry of Life | Vera Women's Wellness about the importance of the First 1000 Days in a baby's Life.

The first thousand days actually starts from conception. So it's in utero and up until the age of two.

Babies are responding from their mother's physical and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy. What research shows is that's it's really important for a mum to take care of herself physically as well as mentally and emotionally, from the minute she finds out she is expecting.

When babies are born, they're born with 25 percent capacity of an adult's brain. Between the time of birth and the age of two, when the brain is now 75 percent of an adult, there is rapid brain development in those times. This is an important time of when they are laying down the foundations for their future learning journey.

To put it in context, a baby is born with the ability to hold its head, breathe, beat their heart, and survive. That's coming from the brain stem. Then the cerebellum is where the movement comes in. This is exactly where where we would like to encourage your baby with floor play, tummy time, and with lots of interaction with your baby. Looking, eye gazing, loving, interacting, encouraging, all of these things are very important in those early days, and they all help to set the right foundations.

In summary, do remember that those first thousand days are really crucial in setting the right foundations for your baby's future learning journey.

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