Mizzie's Guide To Bathing Your Newborn

mini Mizzie the perfect bath toy for baby
When To Bathe Your Newborn

When you're a new parent, it can be really hard to know when you're supposed to bathe your newborn. Everyone has a different opinion on when you should, how often, and with what product! Mizzie has the perfect baby-bathtime tips to help you make this stress-free. With a little preparation, baby bath time can be a really soothing time to give you and bub another opportunity to bond.

1. Find The Best Way To Bathe For You!

Bath time is a new experience for babies, some babies love the water, others not so much. Some babies thrive in the bath as the effects for them are similar to the warm womb conditions and they immediately feel more comfortable. If this is the case, let them splash and enjoy!

If you find your newborn becomes distressed when submerged, don’t fight it, for the first few weeks bathing is not entirely necessary as bub isn’t working up a sweat or out playing in mud puddles. It's totally ok to sponge bath bub and introduce them to water slowly - just make sure to keep an eye on areas that can trap milk, bodily fluids and skin cell build up in their creases.

2. Be Prepared!
Baby's First Bath! What a milestone! To ensure bath time goes as smoothly as possible it is best to be prepared well before its time to get baby wet. It is important to get everything you will need before, during and after, as once bub is in the water, you can't leave. At Mizzie, we suggest getting the following prepared ahead of time:
  • A soft washcloth.
  • Your choice of baby soap or shampoo.
  • A soft brush to help remove any scalp build up.
  • Several towels.
  • Nappy and clothes.
  • Warm blankets.

If you have a small portable baby bath, consider scouting out different locations that may make it easier for you to handle bub instead of crouching over the adult sized tub. Some parents like to use the dining table or benches, or a surface near the change table. Either way, ensuring you are comfortable is just as important as bub.

Mizzie Bathing Newborn Tips

Bathtime can get super slippery! Make sure you have a good hold of your little one, supporting the neck the whole time. For this reason, its great idea to have someone else on hand to assist you, especially those first few times.

3. Keep It Simple!

 As tempting as it is to spend ages enjoying bub kick around in the water, we need to be mindful of the rapidly cooling water temperature! Your bub will be particularly susceptible to the temperature change and will likely let you know pretty loudly that they don't like it anymore. This is the time to get them out and thoroughly dry them and warm them back up with blankets and cuddles -  likely a nap too after their big experience!

 4. Keep Bub Entertained

Especially if your little one is nervous around the water, it's a great idea to have a familiar and friendly face in there with them! mini Mizzie is the perfect addition to newborn bath time as she doesn’t have a hole which means she is fully submergible.

mini Mizzie is specially made for little hands and as bub grows will become a permanent bath time playmate as bub begins to explore her senses in the water.

Good luck! 

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