When Should My Baby Start Swimming Lessons?

Baby ready to swim
Baby Swimming Lessons

Mizzie knows how important water safety is and teaching little ones to swim will give them a great head start and good relationship with water later in life. It's never too early to start educating babies on water safety. Obviously as a newborn they are still learning how to move their arms about, but from around 3 months old, you can start introducing your little one to the water.

Experts suggest starting your babies swimming lessons anywhere from 6 months old as by now they have a stronger immune system and are more developmentally ready with better use of their limbs and awareness of their surroundings. If bub is less than 6 months, you can still work on building a healthy relationship with water by familiarising them before even thinking about getting in the pool. During bath time, you can introduce some water play games, with pouring style bath toys and experimenting with pouring water over their face. Do this carefully with verbal cues to begin getting bub use to breath control in preparation for later on. Familiarising them with water early on helps to alleviate any anxiety issues they may face further down the track.

Baby Swimming Lessons

From about 6 months old, you can introduce your baby to swimming lessons with your local professional (fir safety donโ€™t try teaching babies yourself at home) and not only will your little one begin to explore their relationship with the water, the benefits of swimming early can include:

  • Improved physical and cognitive skills with better visual-motor abilities.
  • Begin to learn to follow instructions, which will indirectly improve their communication skills later in life.
  • Improved bonding experience between baby and parent or swim partner.
  • Early socialisation as this is likely to be one of their first classroom style experiences.

Whilst at this age, bub would be familiar with any life-saving techniques, or likely have the ability to support themselves in a crisis, but by starting them early in the pool, you are giving them the opportunity to advance skills that they will need to master down the track.

Baby reading 'At The Beach' book

Itโ€™s never too early to start reinforcing safety behaviours around water and our "Interactive Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo Touch & Feel Books" are the perfect little companion to your playtime surrounding swimming lessons.

These beautiful books come in two titles, 'At The Beach' and 'Be Active', and help your little one have a sensory blast while learning a special lesson! With โ€œAt The Beachโ€ focusing around sun and water safety.

Good luck!

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