Creativity Growth From 10 to 15 Months

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Creative and imaginative play is how your little ones learn about the world, Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge." It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin to form your baby’s development. Your child’s creativity is “born” during the second half of the first year as bub masters certain skills and starts experimenting with them. Your little one will shake a rattle to hear the noise, bang it to hear that noise and even imitate Isaac Newton, by dropping toys and teethers on the floor, to study the properties of gravity.

Following this, your little one’s creativity and growth will progress at lightning speed. Now that they have mastered the things in their world, they're going to want to know what is happening in your world. This means a lot of physical changes begin to happen. It feels like only yesterday you were cheering them on as they rolled over and now, you find yourself amazed at their strength as they pull themselves up to the edge of the furniture, and wait was that a word? Keeping up with all the changes is a task in itself, so here are some of the things you can expect from your little ones' creative minds as they grow.


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Verbal milestones

From around 10 months old, your baby might have started practising their words and by their first birthday may have a few of the basics down pat like mum, dad, hi and the dreaded no! This is all part of their pattern and sound recognition process that began back as a newborn listening to story-time.

Physical milestones

Having already learned what their hands can do along with having explored the concept of cause and effect, you may find babies performing purposeful hand actions like clapping and waving or blowing sloppy kisses. They may be pulling themselves up along things and bopping along when music is played.

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Cognitive development

By now they may have started imitating you or repeating sounds aware that they are creating interaction with you, even making sounds to ‘call out’ to you if you aren’t visible, knowing you are nearby. They start to develop their social skills, often smiling at new people as they enter the room or interacting with pets.


With these newfound skills, babies will begin to explore the concept of expectation, watching for you when returning to the room. Now is a great time to start playing games with your little one that builds on that forward thinking. You may find your little one offering up the hand for another game of the round and round the garden or beginning a game of peek-a-boo as bub develops the special awareness.

Now is such a special time for your little human, growing from a baby into a toddler and beginning to give you glimpses into their personality. Now is a great time to keep Mizzie involved in the journey, playing peek-a-boo with Mizzie behind a blanket and then relating the same game to the books using a ‘can you find Mizzie’ approach.

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Now that babies have a solid grasp of what’s happening around them, it’s time to start interacting through the use of educational toys and tools. Whilst they may not know words, they can certainly use their voice and body to communicate.

Reading books with them is a great way to encourage recognition and imagination, asking questions during reading, feeling his way through  “Mizzie Likes to help Bella-Boo” books and clapping along as the children sing nursery rhymes in “Sing with Mizzie Nursery Rhymes”.

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