Early Bond With Your Baby

Little boy reading a Mizzie book, Reading with my kid
Babies reading Mizzie interactive books

Finally, after the long wait, your beautiful baby is here, and that unconditional love is in full force.  Bonus! You have managed to take your adoring eyes off him or her long enough to catch up on some emails. Or maybe you know someone who has just had (or about to have) their little bundle and you are looking for ways to help out and build bonds with bub. Either way, we thought now would be a good time to share some helpful tips that will help to confidently foster a loving relationship with this little angel.

Go for skin-to-skin

Otherwise known as Kangaroo care, holding your baby close, with your skin next to theirs, as often as you can has been proven to really help with the bonding process, particularly straight after birth. Skin-to-skin contact produces a myriad of benefits for both mum and bub, from thermal regulation, to milk production, to cognitive function for bub. Even better, some of these benefits are also gained through skin-to-skin with dad, which is a great opportunity for dad to get involved and build his own special connections. If you want to go the extra mile with your kangaroo care, try having a bath with bubs (Keep someone on hand to assist you) the closeness and warmth of your skin with the addition of the watery environment assimilate the womb conditions helping baby to feel even more relaxed and at home with you.

Sing to your baby

For the last 9 months your baby has gotten use to the sound of your voice whether talking directly to them or others every day so keep the habit of always talking and singing to your little one. Singing to your baby help boost brain development, with a number of studies outlining the benefits of musical communication. So, keep carrying that tune, even if you’re off-key, because your baby’s listening and they love every moment of it. Simple songs and nursery rhymes like the ones in our Sing with Mizzie sound book are a great place to start.

Learning while bonding

To continue the bonding whole your baby grows simple games that you can play together will not only be a fun and bonding experience but will be teaching them things crucial for development. Playing peek-a-boo treats your baby to loads of lovely eye contact with you which he’ll love whilst challenging him to predict and prepare for unknown outcomes. Even when bubs are too young to communicate, you can also use role play scenarios to communicate and encourage them to respond to you with sounds and smiles. Pretend voicing a toy (or Mizzie) you can engage in play conversation asking bub questions stimulating imagination play.

Read to them

Just like singing, reading out loud to bubs, provides another layer of communication for you both. Your little ones love a good story like “Mizzie likes to help Bella-Boo at the beach or be active”, even though they’re not old enough to understand the words, the act of reading together daily creates attachment and assists them with routines. Not only become a lovely bonding experience but help set them up for great literacy skills later on.

Kids reading a book together, reading Mizzie sound book At Mizzie we know that this relationship is a two-way street. By taking time to develop your relationship with your little bundle in the first months, you will find that this will help you to not only understand and know your baby, but this will also help to foster that special relationship that this there for life. Watch your baby grow in curiosity and skills with the newborn gift set for the curious baby!

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