The Importance of Sensory Development In Babies

The Importance of Sensory Development In Babies

Did you know that your little ones play time can have a much bigger role than just fun and entertainment? 

Through fun and educational toys, your little love can explore and connect with the world around them, developing curiosity  and gaining skills that will prepare them for the next stages of life! Once your little one is born, everything they touch and see is a new experience for them to engage with and learn from! At Mizzie, we know that the best way for them to develop this is through playtime and toys!

So, Mizzie HQ has made a list of qualities in toys that you should look out for and implement in their playtime!

Colours: Toys with great contrast and bright colours are fascinating for bub and immediately cause gentle and safe stimulation for their developing sight. When little ones are born, their colour-sight is still emerging and their vision is fairly blurry. Implementing bright, stand-out colours within their daily life helps your little love develop eyesight faster and start to distinguish objects from the background.

Mizzie The Kangaroo's 100% Natural Rubber Teething Toy is the best way to gently develop this eyesight. Mizzie's beautiful and bright orange colour has been tested and proven to engage babies while supporting eye development!

All Mizzie products are designed with beautiful colours to keep little ones engaged and happy throughout playtime! Check them out here!

Textures: Materials with different temperatures and textures to feel or squeeze are a great way to develop babies' sense of touch and widen their knowledge and understanding of different objects.

Mizzie's solution to helping this development are the "Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo' Touch & Feel Books! With different tactile elements of every page, these titles, "At The Beach" & "Be Active" are amazing to stimulate senses and keep bub engaged for storytime! 

Sound: Toys that implement sound play are perfect for developing bub's hearing, listening and understanding skills. New sounds and songs are the perfect way to get started while entertaining! You can talk, sing or play to music with your bub for extra bonding, and introduce musical toys to support their playtime!

At Mizzie, we love our 'Sing With Mizzie' Sound Book, which sings 6 Aussie favourite nursery rhymes and is perfectly pitched for bubs developing ears!

Taste and Smell: Different aromas and pleasing flavours help your baby engage their sense of smell and taste! Supporting this through play will not only help their key development, but also support them as they distinguish different notes of flavour and smell that will help them decide on things they like or dislike to eat later!

Mizzie's 100% Natural Rubber Teething Toy, Mizzie The Kangaroo, is the perfect non-toxic, safe way for bub to explore their taste and smell! Naturally scented by the Hevea Tree, this teething toy has a gentle rubbery texture for little gums and noses!

Thank you for reading our Mizzie World Blog! Comment below what other tips you want to see!

Much love,

The Mizzie Team x


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