Minimal Packaging, Purposeful Products, Sustainable for the Future

Purposeful Baby and Toddler Toys

Minimal Packaging, Maximum Impact: How Mizzie is Leading the Sustainable Toy Movement


Speaking to Mizzie The Kangaroo Founder, Sandra Ebbott about her views on the toy industry today and how she set out with a vision to make purposeful products for baby's and toddlers with their development in mind as well as the future of the environment.

"I still get really frustrated as a parent when I see that there are so many toys and products out there that have so much packaging. So unnecessary, lots of plastic."

So when I created Mizzie, I really wanted  every single part of the process to be completely sustainable.

We use minimal packaging, it's all recyclable, we use natural materials; we're actually the world's very first fully circular natural teething toy. Which is huge. Mizzie The Kangaroo gets recycled at the end of her life to get turned into high value fuels which go into creating new roads across Australia.

We assemble some of our products with companies that employ people living with a disability. Which gives them employment opportunities.

So it's been at our core and to me, it's really so important to not only think about the present now but also the future.

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