Mizzie-Roo The Real-Life Kangaroo! An update on Little George & Mizzie-Roo's Adventures!

Mizzie-Roo The Real-Life Kangaroo! An update on Little George & Mizzie-Roo's Adventures!

George & Mizzie-Roo

Above: Then & Now: Little George & Mizzie-Roo First Meeting to Playing Together!

We've had such amazing interest and excitement from our introduction of Little George, Mizzie-Roo and the outback Queensland family, that we are back with an update on the adventures of the cutest little duo Queensland has ever seen! Have you read our Mizzie-Roo Introduction? Check it out HERE

Above: Little George & Mizzie-Roo Play Time!

Since Mizzie-Roo was rescued, we are happy to report that the little joey has been growing strong and happy with her new family, along-side her new best friend little George! Mizzie-Roo has settled right into the family and has hopped her way into a place in their hearts, receiving lots of cuddles, playtime and even a brand new, handmade pouch from Granny Roberta to make Mizzie-Roo comfy, like a mother kangaroo's pouch!


Above: Mizzie-Roo Feeding Time

Mizzie-Roo has been going everywhere with little George, from playtime in the yard, dinner at the house and even keeping little George company at bathtime!ย 


Mizzie-Roo & Little George

Above: Little George & Mizzie-Roo Go Everywhere Together!

We are so happy to hear that Mizzie-Roo is doing well and we are so excited to be giving more updates on Little George, Mizzie-Roo and their Family, stay tuned for more very soon! Thank you to the family for showing your amazing support to our Aussie brand!

You can find Mizzie The Kangaroo, and all of George's other favourites, atย www.mizziethekangaroo.com.

Thank you for reading and make sure to leave a comment below letting us know what you want to see next!

Much love,

The Mizzie Team xxx

Mizzie Grass

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