Signs Your Baby Is Growing!

Signs Your Baby Is Growing!

As your baby begins to grow into their toddler stage, they will show significant progress in their physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory and language development. During this time, your little ones will have more curiosity than ever as they learn to walk, talk and actively explore the world around them!

While little ones are growing, they are working towards important developmental milestones to perfect their key functionary skills! At Mizzie, we know it can be tricky to monitor your little one’s growth, so we’ve put together some common attributes of development in early childhood, so you can know what to expect!

 12 to 17 months

During this age group, your little one is just learning about their legs – and they will want to use them! In addition, your bubs babbling will become clear, and their minds will start to run wild with curiosity! Here are some things you will see your bub do:

  • Pull up to stand and walks alone while holding onto furniture
  • Takes few steps without support of adult or furniture
  • Starts showing right-or left- hand dominance
  • Has perfected 2 words
  • Follows and obeys simple instructions & points to objects
  • Scribbles
  • Starts running
  • Has shorted attention to span
  • Loves helping Mum & Dad

18 to 24 months

As they get a little older, their movements and actions will become more defined, clear and purposeful. Your child will be overflowing with curiosity and will begin to show they’re individuality and independence! Here’s what you’ll see your little one do:

  • Begin linking sentences
  • Walking alone
  • Self- feeding
  • Dance Parties!
  • Identify food and show self-awareness
  • Reading alone
  • Drawing clearly
  • Running & Jumping
  • Develops moral conscious

An amazing part of seeing your new toddler’s development is watching them play and discover! But, as they are new and still finding their sea legs, some bumps and bruises can be expected. The best way to deal with bumps and bruises is love and distraction, from laughter and cuddles to friendly faces and playtime – distracting your little one will often prove as a cure for playground fouls!

Mizzie is a great friendly face to have around during bruises and playtime blues. The Mizzie Freezzie Cool Pack is the perfect way to soothe bumps and bruises and distract from any pain with Mizzie’s friendly face to cheer them up! Mizzie Freezzie can be cooled and heated, to help with bumps or muscle pain and BONUS: Mizzie Freezzie is perfect for playgroup and kindy lunch boxes! Check it out HERE!

Sometimes parents get wrapped up whether their little ones are hitting their milestones on time but keep in mind kids have a way of finding their own pace! Of course, you know your child best, so if you have concerns about your child’s developmental progress check it out with his/her doctor. Just don’t obsess about the timing of each milestone and don’t forget this developmental process is also a magical time in your child`s life.

Thank you for reading our Mizzie World Blog, comment below what other tips you want to see!

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Much love,

The Mizzie Team x

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