Reading To Your Baby

Little girl having fun time with Mizzie sound book
Baby is listening to mom while she is reading a Mizzie's book

Infants won’t understand everything you’re doing or why but reading aloud at early ages stimulates your baby’s imagination and helps them learn about the world around them!  So, the Mizzie team want to share with you the benefits of encouraging reading and how the reading process is within different age groups! 

Between 0- 4 months:

Young little ones may not know what the pictures in a book mean but introducing the love of reading at this early stage is fundamental to developing curiosity and focus! The act of reading aloud to your little one not only creates bonds between the two of you, it also helps bubs cognitive development as listening to your voice, even at this young age helps them with language development and sound pattern recognition.

Between 4-6 months:

At this age, your little one will show more interest in engaging with the books! They will love holding, chewing and looking at the pages, as well as be more excited by sounds you make as you are reading them! When reading, it is important to periodically stop and point out observations and ask them questions to create engagement. Obviously your little one can’t answer, but by engaging in conversation surrounding the story helps them to understand and connect with you. Watch for reactions in her with smiles, eye contact and pulling faces.

Babies reading Mizzie The Kangaroo musical book

We recommend using books with bright, engaging colours and repetitive and rhyming stories or songs, such as our 'Sing With Mizzie' Sound Book! Whilst baby is learning language skill from our words, we are still able to use ‘parentese’ language; more commonly know as baby talk. Studies have shown babies prefer this style of interaction without interfering with their learning development, so go ahead and read as excitedly and sing-song like as you wish.

At such a young age, engaging in sound on multiple levels provides bub with multi levelled language building skills. Using books designed with auditory benefits can enhance bubs learning. “Sing with Mizzie Nursery Rhymes” allows bubs to not only interact with you and your voice, but each nursery rhyme is sung by Aussie school children, allowing bub to hear and process the sounds from multiple voices throughout the book.

Mom reading to a baby, bedtime reading

As the children sing each of the well known and loved nursery rhymes, your singing along too encourages bubs social awareness and language development as he recognises the sound patters everyone is making together.

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