Sleep During Teething

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Truly, teething can be a tough issue for you to deal with. It's normal for teething babies to have trouble sleeping through the night because of the discomfort of cutting new teeth. While some babies and toddlers seem to just sail through the teething process with minimal pain and fuss, other babies spend days in discomfort and pain. And, of course, discomfort and pain usually translate to NO SLEEP FOR ANYONE.

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If your child is clearly bothered by teething, of course you’ll want to do whatever it takes to comfort them and help them to get the rest they need. It's heart-wrenching to see your little one uncomfortable and in pain, that was one of the reasons of the creation of Mizzie, we want to minimize some of your baby’s pain. This can be an especially difficult time if everyone's sleep is being affected. Your child might wake up repeatedly during the night, and it can be overwhelming trying to soothe them back to sleep. Plan ahead with these top tips and get a little extra shut-eye for you and your little one.

One thing you can do is to provide comfort without creating new “bad” sleep habits, or undoing sleep training progress. For instance, if you want to reinforce the habit of sleeping in the crib, avoid bringing your baby into bed with you during bouts of teething pain (We know is difficult)– instead, hold your baby until he/she’s calm, but put him/her back down in her crib to fall back to sleep.

Don’t let them get overtired, Kids always get fussier when they're tired, so it's even more important during teething to keep them well-rested. Make sure your baby gets their naps in during the day and goes to bed on time, avoiding any stimulating activities before bed.

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Be prepared with Mizzie! Mizzie gives little ones something besides their fingers, or yours, to chomp on. She was designed for babies’ sensory development and sore gums. Stimulating your kid’s sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing. With all of that extra benefits you are definitely going to love her as much as your bub.

Another recommendation is to include frozen fruits – like grapes or bananas – put into a mesh feeding bag for baby to chew on. Another option is filling their pacifier with water and freezing it. It’s cold, can’t be swallowed and baby can suck on it to soothe themselves.

At Mizzie we know that every little one is different. Some may have an easy time teething, but most children will experience at least some level of discomfort. We hope these tips help soothe both you and your child as you get through the teething stage.

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Overnight teething pain can mostly be managed by providing comfort to our little ones through cuddles and familiarity. Mizzie was designed not only to provide physical relief but as a comfort aid for bub to cuddle and play with as they chew. Being made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree and made with water-based non-toxic dyes, both Mizzie and mini Mizzie are safe to send to bed with your little one to bed to aid in overnight teething issues.

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