The Benefits of Sound & Music for Your Baby

The Benefits of Sound & Music for Your Baby


Bringing music into the daily lives of little ones is so important! They learn to love it, play it, and "develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance" - Shinichi Suzuki

Music is an amazing tool for the body, mind and soul! Children, from a very early age, can start identifying rhythm and even begin to dance and move to beat. But, music will be so much more for your little one than just a fun dance session or favourite tune, these sounds will help to shape your little one's cognitive and physical development throughout their early-childhood.

At Mizzie, we know how important it to parents to help their bub's growth, so we have dug up some great information on musical development and tips you can use to implement it! 

Music Increases Sensory Development - Just as we mentioned in our previous blog, "The Importance of Sensory Development", sounds and music are a key way to develop a sensory understanding. In fact, exposing different music to your bub can help create more pathways between the cells in your bubs brain!

Music Improves Literacy and Numeracy - Listening to music from an early age helps to develop your bub's ability to differentiate between sounds, voices and even syllables! Exposure to different types of music will not only enhance their ability to decode sounds and words but also identify and anticipate patterns.

Improving Discipline & Schedule- Your baby's growing mind will respond in amazing ways to music! You can use music to indicate when your baby should be sleeping, eating or bathtime which will help your baby easy recognise the time and adjust easier to changes.

Music Supports Coordination -  Even if your bub doesn't understand the lyrics of music, their body does! Music encourages the inclination to move and dance, which is perfect for supporting muscle growth, balance and strength!

 You can help your bub engage in this development at home! Through playing music and dancing, creating instruments, and having them play with musical toys! At Mizzie, we love watching little ones learn and play through our "Sing With Mizzie Sound Book" and "Musical Hop Out Mizzie- Music Box" - which perfectly encompass the benefits of music with other developmental benefits, like reading or fine-motor skills! Make sure to check them out HERE!

Thank you for reading our Mizzie World Blog, comment below what other tips you want to see!

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