The Benefits of Problem-Solving in Babies

The Benefits of Problem-Solving in Babies

Problem-solving is an amazing core skill for little explorers to know! In fact, children who learn problem-solving are often better equipped and excited to accept new challenges, handle frustrations and discover more things in new environments! But how can you support this development and why is it so important? The Mizzie team have collected our favourite tips and tricks for you to follow!

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Acknowledge their development!

Each baby is unique, but there are some similarities in the stages of development. Understanding where your baby is likely to be can really help you to focus on their needs when learning core skills! For example, if your baby is between 4 – 12 months, they most likely won’t be ready to problem-solve with their hands yet, but they can start identifying things that will help them later! Playing with different textures, identifying colours and imitating actions from memory are all things that will attribute to their problem-solving in the future.

From there, older babies and toddlers will be able to start using their hands to and play games that will challenge their mind and ignite their curiosity! Things like playing simple games, taking bottles or toys apart and imitating adult actions, such as putting the baby to bed or talking on the phone, are all signs that your little one is gaining more knowledge on problem-solving, woohoo!

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Encourage their curiosity and help them explore!

Simple things, such as celebrating explorations, asking questions and letting your little one help themselves, are all ways to encourage the development of problem-solving! These things can be easily accomplished by giving positive, gentle feedback on new explorations or skills; letting your baby figure out themselves how to reach a toy just out of their reach, or saying things like, “oh no! Your ball is stuck, what do we do?”. This will get your little one's mind working and help them to grasp their independence to explore themselves!

 Another way we like to support this development at Mizzie is through playtime! There are plenty of fun things to do from home to help bub develop problem-solving, at Mizzie, we love using puzzles! Puzzles are the perfect wonky and weird shapes to make your little one stop, think and look a little harder to make it work. They are fun, engaging and perfect ways to make your little one have that 'AH-HUH' moment!

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 Playing with puzzles encourages children to look at pictures more carefully, going over them from top to bottom and from left to right. Through doing this, children may begin to notice visual similarities and differences. This also will improve their memory skills, ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems. The experience of completing a puzzle can also help your child to learn to accept challenges, overcome problems and deal with frustrations.

 To start puzzle play, we know that good things take time, so start easy and do it with them! Talking to your little one about the pieces and pointing out similarities or key features, are a great activity that you can use to help them understand the challenge while spending quality time together!

BONUS: Did you know that puzzle play also helps your little one learn about patience?? It's true! Your little one won't get it the first go, but that's okay! Learning a new skill can take time, so it's a great way to exercise their patience!

 At Mizzie, we love our very-own "Mizzie Hopping Around Australia Puzzle Box Set" which is the perfect 3 IN 1 puzzle set that ranges in difficulty between 4, 6 and 9 pieces so your little one can really improve their skill. Our puzzles also feature GORGEOUS pictures of Mizzie travelling 3 iconic Aussie landscapes, so your little one can learn more about Australia! Check it out HERE!

 Not quite ready to start puzzles? No worries! Mizzie’s Puzzles can be flipped over to find 3 distinct colours on the back of each piece! Use these colours to start developing those core colour-match skills!

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