The Many Benefits of Early-Age Reading

Dad enjoying a reading time with his kid
Mom reading with her kid

Reading is a wonderful activity to share between you and your little one! It is amazing how sharing stories, talking and singing with your bub will help their development. Through introducing these activities every day, your baby will familiarise themselves with sounds, language and, eventually, the joy and value for books!  

Although infants won’t understand everything you’re doing or why but reading aloud at early ages stimulates your baby’s imagination and helps them learn about the world around them! So, we want to share with all parents out there the benefits of encouraging reading and how the reading process is within different age groups!  

Kids and Books

Between 0- 4 months:

Young little ones may not know what the pictures in a book mean but introducing the love of reading at this early stage is fundamental to developing curiosity and focus! It also helps to set a calming routine and it's a lovely bonding moment.

Between 4-6 months:

At this age, your little one will show more interest in engaging with the books! They will love holding, chewing and looking at the pages, as well as be more excited by sounds you make as you are reading them!

We recommend using books with bright, engaging colours and repetitive and rhyming stories or songs, such as our 'Sing With Mizzie' Sound Book!

Between 6-12 months: 

At this point, your baby starts to understand that pictures represent objects! They also will show preference to certain pictures, pages or even some storytelling. At 12 months your child’s ability to remember increase tremendously, pointing on a page and repeat your sounds and even turning pages without your help!

At this age, we recommend board books that have interactive elements, such as sound, buttons, or textile elements, such as our 'Sing With Mizzie' Sound Book & our 'Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo' Touch & Feel Books!

Little boy reading with her mom

At Mizzie The Kangaroo, we are passionate about providing fun and engaging books to help support your little love on their reading journey! Mizzie's range of books are all interactive and brightly coloured to develop your bubs curiosity and interest.

The 'Sing With Mizzie' Sound Book is the perfect way to help bub develop a love for reading and singing! This special book has interactive buttons that when pressed, sing one of 6 Aussie favourite nursery rhymes! Bub can listen, sing and read along, connecting sounds to words and letters!

Kids reading a book together

The 'Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo' Touch & Feel Books, are the perfect interactive, sensory experience for little one's reading journey! These books have interactive and sensory, tactile elements on each page to help keep bub curious and engaged whilst reading! In essence, it immerses them into books from a very early stage. Our Touch & Feel books also come in two versions, 'At The Beach' and 'Be Active', which teach kids valuable lessons, like water and beach safety and ways to be active indoors and out!

Thank you for reading our Mizzie World Blog, comment below what other tips you want to see!

Much love,

The Mizzie Team x

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