Travelling with Newborns

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When we talk about travel, what comes to mind for you? Are we talking walks in the pram? Maybe a trip to the shops, a long drive or (gasp) a long flight!  If the thought of even leaving the house seems daunting, its ok, with a little preparation, you can make your journey as seamless and pain free as possible regardless of how overwhelming it might seem.

Let’s talk nappy bags! What use to be a designer tote has now turned into a big bulky bag that your life depends on, and for good reason! Your nappy bag is an integral part of every journey with bubs and when packed well can contain everything to prepare you for almost anything that can happen during travels. So what should go into the bag?

  • For both you and bub. If you aren’t exclusively breast feeding, you need to consider transporting babies milk, whether pumped or formula, babies bottles need to be kept as sterile as possible and their milk as fresh as possible. If using fresh expressed milk, invest in an insulated bag to keep milk cold until ready to use and formula can be kept separate and mixed up as you need it. It is a good idea to pack spare bottles and emergency water for times when bub is extra hungry. Some non-perishable snacks kept in a lunchbox for you are also a great way to ensure that you are looked after as well.
  • A change of clothes or 4 for bubs. By now you have probably noticed how many outfit changes bub goes through in a day and being out and about is no exception. Making sure you have not only spares but clothes packed for all seasons will ensure your little one is kept cool or warm regardless of the changing environments.
  • Nappies, wipes, disposable bags and mats. No doubt during your travels, you will end up cleaning up a nappy explosion on a less than desirable surface, and you want to be as prepared as you can be. Packing disposable mats means you can utilise any surface to create a sanitary environment for nappy changes. Dispose of the mat, nappy and wipes in a disposable nappy bag thoughtfully when changed.
  • Comfort items for both mum and bub. Keep blankets, dummies, and small toys on hand to give comfort when needed for bub, and some form of entertainment for you such as a magazine or device that you can use when stuck beneath a sleeping bub while out and about.
  • We can’t stress this one enough: Spares, spares, spares! If you think you have enough items… add another. Pack a contingency dummy, more clothes, bottles, blankets; whatever you can fit in the bag.
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If you are keeping travel local, before leaving home, think about how you are going to need to transport bubs. You can maximise your prams capabilities by choosing one that fits your travel needs. Check for weight ratings, storage spaces and versatility depending on your needs. Or perhaps you have a car to pram capsule that can be carried on one arm or even go hands free all together and wear baby in a wrap or baby backpack.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Bring along a friend or family member to help you hold bub or push the pram, open doors etc. If you find yourself alone, don’t hesitate to ask someone nearby for assistance, most people are eager to get in and help in any way they can.

Baby with mini Mizzie

When taking your bub on errands and travel, every parent knows that keeping bub happy is the key to what makes the trip a breeze! Teething can be a major mood buster during outings, whether they've had a good nap or not! So, we have created the perfect teething solution for busy parents and moving babies!

Our NEW 'mini Mizzie - 100% Natural Rubber Teething Ring' is perfectly made for little hands and has a beautifully soft, rubbery texture to soothe teething gums. 'mini Mizzie' is designed to stimulate senses, engage and entertain your little one, and has a small, easy to fit design with NO HOLE, to ensure that you can pop her in your bag and get out the door ASAP.

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