Who is Mizzie The Kangaroo

Who is Mizzie The Kangaroo

Mizzie The Kangaroo, ‘Mizzie’, is a friendly Kangaroo from Sunny Queensland, Australia. She was born in this world to help develop children, in a fun way! 

Whilst growing up in touristy Queensland, she met so many children from all over the world. She learnt to make them laugh, and realised that they all learnt better, whilst they were having fun.

As a young, determined and responsible Kangaroo, she embarks on an international journey to help children, all over the world, develop through fun. ‘Laugh and Learn’, she says. Her journey starts in Australia.

She has a motherly-like caring nature, and her smile, loving eyes and friendly face help children distract from any pain they may have (physical or emotional), and help them learn through fun activities. In fact, kids simply have fun with her, without even realising that they are learning new skills!
Coming from a natural environment, she is safe, she is bright, she is easily recognizable across the world, and she is quintessentially Australian. 

Mizzie The Kangaroo Happy and Pointing

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