KANGAROO FUN FACT - Kangaroo Awareness Day

KANGAROO FUN FACT - Kangaroo Awareness Day

Kangaroo Awareness Day was on 24 October, so we thought we’d make it interesting for you to share some fun facts about Kangaroos!!

Kangaroo Fun Fact #1 - a Kangaroo can only hop forwards, not backwards! They must be able to turn around quickly to change direction!⠀ 

Kangaroo Fun Fact #2 - Kangaroos live 6 - 8 years. So in human terms... by year 2 of school, the kangaroo would have lived a full life already! I guess they have to live to their fullest from day one! 

Kangaroo Fun Fact #3 - They use there tails to guide them. Some have ever been seen surfing waves at the beach! Ha! Maybe next time you're at the beach, you might see Mizzie having a swim!

Kangaroo Fun Fact #4 - The Joey then crawls straight to the mothers pouch for around another 4 months! My first thoughts: Wow, birthing a 'grape' works be a lot easier than birthing a baby! Also, how nice for the Joey to stay in mums pouch a little longer.

Kangaroo Fun Fact #5 - You read it right, kangaroos can hop as fast as a car, and about as high as a one story house!! Now that's a whole lot of energy, speed and height for one animal. I sometimes feel my near three year old boy has all that energy too, relative to his size!

Kangaroo Fun Fact #6 - Which one do you think Mizzie would be?

Kangaroo Fun Fact #7 - Now that's a skill!! Imagine if bub could do that?

This is our final #kangaroofunfact, I hope you've enjoyed these fun insights in Mizzie's Kangaroo world. Which one was your favourite?


✨ Make it a game, make it fun, ask them the questions, make them guess ✨ ⠀
You can download a Kangaroo Awareness Day colouring-in sheet. Once your little one has created their art, feel free to send it to us in to HERE we will feature some on our social media.

Please share the Kangaroo love with #mizziethekangaroofunfacts and tag us @mizziethekangaroo

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