Mizzie Brand Ambassador Search 2022

Mizzie Brand Ambassador Search 2022
Mizzie Brand Ambassador Search 2022

Join our Mizzie Brand Ambassador Team! 💕

We are SO excited to open up the opportunity for our fans and friends - YOU - to become one of our Mizzie Brand Ambassadors 💫
So, if you:

🌟 Have a little one aged between 3 months- 3 Years.
🌟 Enjoy capturing special moments with your little ones.
🌟 Love for eco-friendly, natural, educational toys with PURPOSE
🌟 Are comfortable with creating reels/videos

Then we'd love to hear from you!
How to Apply

1️⃣ Follow us @mizziethekangaroo on Instagram and Facebook.
2️⃣ Like this Post: Click here to see the post.
3️⃣ In the comments, Tag 2 friends who you think would also love to join our Mizzie Family with you!
4️⃣ Post a picture of your little one on your feed, in the caption:
🌟 tag @mizziethekangaroo,
🌟add #JoinMizzieTeam2022 hashtag,
🌟tell us your little ones’ name/s and age/s, location (city/ country) and a fun fact about them!
🌟Don't forget to use the #JoinMizzieTeam2022 hashtag so we can find you!
5️⃣ Share this post to your stories and tag us!

Be quick! Be quick! Entries begin Thursday, 8 September 2022 and will end next week, or until we fill the spots.💕

Applications are open Worldwide with a keen interest in Australia, UK & Canada. 🇦🇺🇬🇧🇨🇦

Instagram Applications with Public Accounts only 📸

We can't wait to hear from you all!

Mizzie Brand Ambassador expectations will be for 4 months, with lots of benefits. Dates will be confirmed once the winners are selected.

Brand & Product Knowledge


  • Please take pics AND videos of your child with Mizzie products, following the ‘photography & video reference' tips on the last page as much as you can.
  • When posting on your own platforms about Mizzie, please tag us @mizziethekangaroo #mizziethekangaroo.
  • Save the photos and videos you create in the dropbox file that will be created for you
  • Please save, like, comment and share the posts and stories in our feed, as well as each other’s posts – this creates great engagement for all of us and a fabulous community feel!
  • Please do speak positively about Mizzie and represent her in a positive light. If there are any issues, please talk to us.
  • Be happy to help us announce new product launches, special promotions, awards and new market launches.
  • Please pass on your unique Mizzie discount code to your friends and family for them to reap the benefits of knowing you, a Mizzie Brand Ambassador!

Exclusive Rights

  • Mizzie The Kangaroo reserves the right to use any and all photographs/videos you send us of our products on all social media accounts, promotional material, our websites, and all advertisements.
  • Please do not engage directly with or promote any direct competitors of Mizzie The Kangaroo. If you are unsure, please check with us first.

In Return, you will receive:

  • Monthly product drop for you to use for photography purposes and then keep / re-gift
  • Your own unique Mizzie The Kangaroo 15% discount code that can be shared with your fans, friends & family
  • Genuine support & engagement from us on your own channels
  • You will be officially recognised as a Mizzie Brand Ambassador.
  • We will create a Mizzie Brand Ambassador community group, so you can ‘meet’ each other and share, as you feel comfortable


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