Mizzie Memory Lane - Mizzie Series Part 1!

Mizzie Memory Lane - Mizzie Series Part 1!

As we celebrate 5 years, It's time to reintroduce the amazing drive behind our friendly Aussie kangaroo!

Join us for PART 1 of our Mizzie Memory Lane series!ย 

Sandra created Mizzie at a time where her firstborn was struggling with emotional teething and what a wild ride it has been since!ย 

Grab a coffee and take a little break from your day to sit down with Sandra and Teegan, as we go down Memory Lane to the very beginning of Mizzie!ย 

Stay tuned for more parts next week and don't forget to use code 'MIZZIESINCE15' for 15% OFF your Mizzie orders in October!ย 

Mizzie Grass

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