Mizzie Supports Bushfire Wildlife Relief

Mizzie Supports Bushfire Wildlife Relief






Australia Day is a time to reflect on our rich history and appreciate the beautiful land and wildlife that we are part of in this great country. Currently, the Australian Bushfires are having devastating long-term effects on the Australian environment that we know and love and the team at Mizzie want to help. 

Mizzie and the team are terribly saddened by the long term effects the Australian bushfires will have on our much-loved environment and wildlife. So far, a terrifying rising number of over 1.25 billion wildlife has already been lost by the fires.

This Australia Day, Mizzie The Kangaroo dedicated a portion of all profits from any Mizzie product purchased off the official Australian website between Sun 26/01-Sat 01/02 to Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warrior Bushfire Appeal.

Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warriors are doing as much as they can to preserve and protect the wildlife affected by this devastation and we are truly grateful to them. 

By purchasing this week, you will be supporting the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warrior team as they continue to fight and care for the Bushfire affected willdlife. So please, jump online and contribute to this amazing cause!




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