Mizzie The Kangaroo urges consumers to donate to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal

Donate to Australia Zoo's Wildlife Bushfire Appeal

It’s dreadful to see, amidst Australia’s horrible fires and the loss of people, houses and entire towns, our Australian Wildlife has also been hugely affected. Since the fires started, it has been recorded that 500million Australian wildlife has been killed. In fact, as quoted by The New York Times on 7 January 2020: “For Australia’s wildlife, the toll has been incalculable. Around 87% of Australia’s wildlife is endemic to the country, meaning it can be found only on this island continent. And a great many of those species … (like the koala and kangaroo), have populations living in the regions now being obliterated by the fires.”

Our Australian Wildlife is in danger, and Mizzie The Kangaroo urges consumers all over the world to donate to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal. Established in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Hospital takes injured animals from all over Australia. Now more than ever, you can help our wildlife by donating here https://azwh.blackbaud-sites.com/ as the numbers of rescued animals continue to increase. See how they are helping: 

Every little bit helps, and if you want to help, any donation as little as $5 can help save a life!

 How your donations help wildlife

Mizzie The Kangaroo is a friendly kangaroo from sunny Queensland. She was born in this world to help develop children, in a fun way. Her nature is Quintessentially Australian: Natural, Fun, Safe and Caring. In her caring nature, she wants to make sure that her wildlife friends in Australia can be rescued, and she wants to give people all over the world the opportunity to also be able to help, and this is a good start. To find out more about Mizzie The Kangaroo, visit www.mizziethekangaroo.com, www.mizziethekangaroo.co.uk, www.mizziethekangaroousa.com.

 Mizzie The Kangaroo urges consumers to donate to Australia Zoo's Wildlife Bushfire Appeal

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