Mum Central - New Baby Check List

Mum Central - New Baby Check List

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"NEW BABY CHECKLIST: Get Ready for Baby with our Must-Have Products and WIN!

Babies – they fill your heart with love and your house with stuff! This is why all new mums need a thorough new baby checklist, to help them keep track of what they need.

You’re in luck because we happen to have an easy to follow “new baby checklist” of around 70 things to consider you might need to buy for baby. We’ve got everything covered, so doesn’t mean you need it all, however it’s great to browse the list and ensure you’ve got all bases covered from the nursery to feeding, sleeping, out and about, and much more


Swings, gyms, teething toys, soft toys – you don’t need a whole playroom of toys (just yet) but you will need a few essential playtime products.

  • Teething toys
  • Infant chair or bouncer
  • A collection of soft toys
  • Swing or rocker
  • Board books
  • EXTRAS: Infant gym and activity sets

Our Pick: Mizzie The Kangaroo

The best toys for baby? Ones they can chew which is why Mizzie The Kangaroo is such a treat for babies, as she is 100% natural rubber and from the Home of Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy & Educational Toys! New to the Mizzie world is the ‘Nurturing Babies Mizzie Teething Gift Set’ which comes with the original Mizzie The Kangaroo and her smaller ‘on-the-go’ mini Mizzie teething ring. Both Mizzie and mini Mizzie are natural, safe, non-toxic and fun for babies."

Check out the full article HERE. 

Mizzie The Kangaroo is available through   For press enquiries, please contact us at /   (UK)


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