PakMag - The New ‘mini Mizzie’ Natural Teething Ring

PakMag - The New ‘mini Mizzie’ Natural Teething Ring

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" The New ‘mini Mizzie’ Natural Teething Ring

mini Mizzie Teether

Australia’s fun and educational baby toy brand, Mizzie The Kangaroo, welcomed the start of June 2020 with the launch of the brand new ‘mini Mizzie’ natural teething ring. The 100% natural rubber ‘mini Mizzie’ Teething Ring has been developed and perfected over the last 9 months. Now it has taken Aussie parents and grandparents by storm.

“The Mizzie team are beyond excited with the response of ‘mini Mizzie’ amongst the Aussie parenting community! We created ‘mini Mizzie’ based on our customer demand. Although it was risky business launching a new product amidst the Global Pandemic, it was all worth it. We are so happy to see that our new design is truly benefiting Aussie parents, grandparents and bubs!” says Sandra Ebbott, Mizzie The Kangaroo’s Founder and MD.

Mini Mizzie’ is a fun and engaging ‘on-the-go’ solution to soothe teething gums, naturally! The teether has been perfectly designed and sized for little hands.

This mini ‘on-the-go’ version of the original has no squeak and no hole, which will be a welcomed change to some parents. This new teether supports early childhood development through the gentle stimulation of touch, smell and sight with key features, such as its bright orange colour, natural scent and texture from its Hevea tree material.

“As an Aussie mum myself, I know how overwhelming being out and about can be for little ones, especially with the added emotion of teething. ‘mini Mizzie’ was designed to be the perfect travel version of our original Mizzie friend, supporting and comforting little ones whilst travelling, running errands or even just having a big day at home!”, added Sandra Ebbott.

“Teething bubs are especially not used to being out and about since the start of Covid-19. Now that restrictions are lifting, ‘mini Mizzie’ is an excellent friendly face to encourage and comfort them as they are going back into the world with Mum and Dad!” 

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