The Bugg Report - Mizzie The Kangaroo Announces Mizzie Memory Match

The Bugg Report - Mizzie The Kangaroo Announces Mizzie Memory Match

With the end of the year fast approaching, gift-giving season is almost upon us. Just in time for Christmas, Australian leaders in developmental toys for children Mizzie The Kangaroo are launching Mizzie Memory Match, a new memory card game that’s perfect for curious little ones aged 3 to 5. Mizzie Memory Match is the ultimate activity that can be played post-Christmas lunch, and can help children match, sort, read and count with engaging colours and Aussie icons that are lots of fun.

Mizzie Memory Match features 36 jumbo-sized cards and can be played in four ways:

  • Colour and shape sorting
  • Memory matching of 18 pairs
  • Number recognition and counting from 1 to 5
  • Learning basic alphabet lettering from A to D with Australian icons

The multi-level game aims to improve concentration and attention to detail skills; visual and short-term memory; sight memorisation; reason and critical thinking skills; colour, shape, number and letter memory; and ability to group, sort and class, which are all essential to a child’s growth.

Mizzie The Kangaroo

“We are incredibly proud to launch our very first Australian-made product that continues to develop young children in a fun and encouraging way.”

Sandra Ebbott, Founder of Mizzie The Kangaroo

Best of all, Mizzie The Kangaroo has prioritised working with other Australian companies that give back to the community for this exciting new product launch. The Mizzie Memory Match game is printed in Queensland using FSC-Certified and recyclable paper and is assembled by Multicap’s production group Makeables, an organisation providing employment opportunities to local disabled people.

“I am even more proud of Mizzie Memory Match as we are not only creating more job opportunities here in Australia, but we’re also providing work opportunities to people living with disabilities,” continues Ebbott. “It’s our way of giving back to the community.”

Sandra Ebbott, Founder of Mizzie The Kangaroo

Mizzie The Kangaroo and the entire Baby & Toddler Range:

Mizzie The Kangaroo Australia

Mizzie The Kangaroo UK

Mizzie The Kangaroo USA

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