The Bugg Report - Mizzie The Kangaroo Hopping Globally Through the 2020 Challenges

The Bugg Report - Mizzie The Kangaroo Hopping Globally Through the 2020 Challenges

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" Mizzie The Kangaroo Hopping Globally Through the 2020 Challenges

Mizzie The Kangaroo is the Award-Winning Home to Australia’s Original Natural Teething and Educational Toys. Mizzie was created to help little ones Develop Through Fun! From birth to the toddler years, every single Mizzie product is designed to help the youngest of bubs, learn through play. Mizzie and her team have created a range of toys that allow children to learn without compromising playtime!

Through the ups and downs of 2020, Mizzie The Kangaroo has hopped out stronger in popularity, with tremendous transnational online recognition and engagement. Mizzie has shown to be the perfect way to help little ones continue to develop core skills from home in a fun, with parents showcasing their favourite Mizzie moments through social media. All Mizzie products are designed to support babies’, aged 0-3year, curiosity whilst stimulating the senses and developing other key age-appropriate skills.

Additionally, Mizzie The Kangaroo has gained momentum with the more environmentally conscious parents and retailers. Mizzie The Kangaroo has always taken great pride in doing its part for the environment. Mizzie products purposefully utilise minimal, recyclable packaging, natural materials and water-based paints. Mizzie’s freights also use recyclable boxes and tape, making it a point to not use plastic and consciously being sustainable for our environment.

“We spoke to our retailers and determined the minimal packaging required for shelves, and we specifically design our products so they don’t use unnecessary materials that can’t be recycled, whilst making sure they look good on retail shelves” explained Founder Sandra Ebbott. “We know that our customers also want to do their bit for the environment, and buying our products makes them feel that much better, not only because their bubs learn with Mizzie, but also because they know that we are environmentally friendly.”

Sandra Ebbott

‘Mizzie’ is the friendly quintessentially Australian kangaroo character from Queenland, who was born in this world to develop little ones through fun. Her passion involves nurturing and guiding her little friends, like Cheeky Bella-Boo & Baby Hugo, through valuable life-long skills! The Mizzie World is about creating a fun and exciting environment for little ones to explore, discover and learn and all of our friendly characters are designed to support this journey. The Mizzie team are delighted to work with more partners through 2020 to bring the Mizzie World and purpose to life, on a global scale.

Mizzie The Kangaroo is an Australian owned and operated brand, with products designed by Australian parents. The Mizzie brand started in late 2015 and has since expanded to be a global phenomenon, distributing products across Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. The team at Mizzie The Kangaroo aim to be helping children all over the world by becoming the leading brand for Natural Teething & Educational Toys and expanding our reach into more global markets."

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