Mizzie's True Values: Natural, Fun, Safe and Caring!

Mizzie's True Values: Natural, Fun, Safe and Caring!

Mizzie's Aussie toys are NATURAL,  FUN, SAFE & CARING, because we know that babies and toddlers learn best through fun and a natural sense of curiosity!

As Aussie parents, we know the importance of protecting your precious little human, that is why we created Mizzie, who embodies the importance of NATURAL play and eco-friendly toys!

Just like pregnancy, motherhood and the love of a parent, one of Mizzie's central value is to develop little ones naturally in the most eco-friendly, fun and supportive environment.

Everything we do is inspired by nature, being natural and the natural sense of curiosity that babies and toddlers have as they grow, and we love to foster that with beautiful, natural toys that support their magical minds!

As we know that little ones develop best through FUN, another one of Mizzie’s central value is to bring FUN in their learning journey! The most amazing thing happens when your baby has fun - the magic inside them starts to play, their creativity blooms, their little minds open up and that is when quality learning is at it's best! Mizzie was born to create laughter, happiness and meaningful FUN through our purposeful educational toys. We value those magical moments of fun in everything we do and we love seeing little ones flourish this way! When babies and toddlers have fun, their minds are searching and exploring for new information and soaking up everything they discover.

Babies are so curious and explorative and so our Mizzie teethers are specifically designed gently stimulate their senses and quench their curiosity! that's why every single product is designed to support a core or sensory skill hidden amongst all the fun!

Designed by parents, safety is a top priority for all of Mizzie's award-winning toys! We are proudly SAFE and non-toxic, with materials derived from nature and certified under Toy Safety Standards in Australia, NZ, the UK, USA and Europe! There are so many chemicals and nasties in our world, young bubs should be protected from them, as much as you can control. Also, the environment that your bub develops in is so important to their journey through life! From womb to earthside, a gentle, nourishing and safe environment is key!

A parent's love is unmatched in depth or intensity, trust us, we know. The people behind our friendly kangaroo are PARENTS, we want the best for our babies and yours, and we CARE.

Mizzie was made to help support your little one's development in a  gentle, fun and CARING way. This support is so important to helping little ones develop. We are passionate about putting love and CARE into every Mizzie toy so that your little one can make the most of them!


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