Thousands of toys repurposed to help build roads - Australian GiftGuide

Thousands of toys repurposed to help build roads - Australian GiftGuide
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Thousands of toys repurposed to help build roads

Mizzie the Kangaroo has partnered with Pearl Global to find a new purpose for its iconic orange natural rubber teething toys.

More than 2,000 of its award-winning products were pulled from the company’s flooded warehouse and will now be used to build roads and other infrastructure in what is believed to be a world-first for the $156 billion toy industry.

Mizzie the Kangaroo founder, Sandra Ebbott, describes the partnership between the two Queensland companies as ‘perfect’.

“Our teething and educational toys are designed to give our children the best start in life,” she says.

“We’re on a mission now to extend this notion by ensuring our environmental impact is minimal, giving them a better future.

Mizzie and Pearl Global

“We use natural and environmentally-friendly materials, but the fact we can now recycle our trademark products is huge for us and our customers.”

More than 12,000 units of Mizzie the Kangaroo’s educational books, puzzles, music boxes and teething toys worth $330,000 were destroyed in February when water tore through its Brisbane warehouse.

Thousands of its bright orange natural rubber teething toys were covered in mud, rendering them unsuitable for sale. Having built the company with a firm focus on sustainability, Ebbott couldn’t stand the thought of them going to waste and spent the past six months trying to find a second use for them.

Pearl Global co-founder, Gary Foster, says the company was happy to provide a solution that ensured none of the damaged toys went to waste.

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