What's Good To Do - Mizzie The Kangaroo Teething Toy Review

What's Good To Do - Mizzie The Kangaroo Teething Toy Review

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"Mizzie The Kangaroo Teething Toy Review

As soon as Mizzie the Kangaroo baby teething toy arrived in the post, I knew it would be a hit with my baby niece, there’s not a lot babies like more than putting things in their mouth so the Mizzie teether was destined to be a hit.

Where else would Mizzie the Kangaroo come from but Australia of course and was designed by parents to help children learn and develop through play. The toy would appeal to boys and girls and would be a unique choice of gift, in fact there are a real lack of kangaroo based toys on the market. It really stands out, I have not seen anything like Mizzie on the shelves.

My niece was taken with her straight away grasping for lovely Mizzie when presented with it and straight into the mouth with the ear which is the most natural way for a baby to explore objects. We played a game of peekaboo and made Mizzie squeak with much hilarity resulting in a infectious giggle. I can see Mizzie becoming a firm favourite.

I love that Mizzie can be gifted to a baby from birth and see them through to toddler days, no doubt the soft rubber is soothing for sore little gums when teething and could easily be cleaned when needed with a cloth and warm soapy water as directed, Mizzie should not be fully submerged or put in the dishwasher.

The toy feels durable and likely to withstand a good chewing and whatever else is thrown at it, reassuring it has been safety tested and is certified to all toy safety standards.

Mizzie can be bought on her own or part of a gift set. Perfect for a baby shower or just to have in the ‘toolkit’ for grisly teething times, I would be tempted to stick it in the fridge to make it cool and even more soothing.

Mizzie the Kangaroo has the most adorable range of toys to accompany the teething toy including board books, musical books, puzzles and a music box. The website is easy to navigate and helpfully split into baby toys and toddler toys. I think Kangaroo’s could be the new giraffe’s.

Rating: 5/5"

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Mizzie The Kangaroo is available through www.mizziethekangaroo.com          

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  • Dee Coleman

    Mizzie arrived, excitement filled the air as we presented her to my grand daughter (15weeks old), I squeezed Mizzie, and my gd shrilled with laughter, I kept squeaking Mizzie as I gave gd the mini teether, she snatched it up and straight into the mouth for a good ole chew down. I love Mizzie, she’s certainly a favourite in our family. Any future bubs will be receiving Mizzie as a gift from me, thanks Mizzie team 😊

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