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Baby kissing Mizzie

By now your baby might have begun rolling over and could even be working on sitting up to play. They are beginning to investigate the world of relationships, testing the boundaries of physics and beginning to explore their own creativity by making associations between actions and words. It is at this time they transition from unoccupied play learning about themselves to solitary play where they are interested in playing by themselves as they explore.

Little girl looking at MizzieAt Mizzie we know he will start handling objects–holding, so squeezing and teething Mizzie is the best opportunity to explore. We have some fun activities for your baby’s development and some tips to encourage their creativity.

Your baby is likely to be fascinated by you. Your face, facial expressions, voice and touch spark his imagination and help him learn. From about five months, your baby might be fascinated by himself too! Babies love looking at themselves in mirrors and watching their own expressions change. At this age, your baby won’t understand that she’s the baby in the mirror. This understanding develops as she becomes a toddler.

Your little one will enjoy looking at pictures in books. His expanding imagination helps him learn that pictures in books relate to things in the world around him. For example, a picture of Mizzie in the beach is like your trips when he sees the sand and the ocean.


Baby exploring their books

Babies are naturally curious about the environment and are keen to explore, especially once they can crawl. Your baby might look into cupboards, under beds and around the house. When she does this he’s imagining what she might find there and what she can do with whatever she finds.

At 5-6 months, touching and tasting are how your baby explores and expands his imagination, which is why he seems to put everything in his mouth.

This is the perfect time to present them the Mizzie Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy. They can begin to make visual associations between Mizzie in the book and in their hand, whilst using their other senses to explore everything about Mizzie.

Remember that all babies have the capacity for creativity, so let yours explore and experiment as much as possible (especially if he gets messy in the process)!

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