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At Mizzie, we know that toddlers on your trips or errands can be daunting!

These experiences are important for your little love's development, but they don't need to be super stressful!

Check out our Mizzie World Blog for tips & tricks on supporting your little one's journey into toddlerhood!

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Creative exploration is an ongoing process from the minute your little one is born. First through observation, and now they are beginning to put what they are learning into practice. Now at a stage of purposefully picking up toys, banging them, dropping them and chewing on them and really spending time examining the items in front of them, determining the relationship they have with the item and its purpose.

This is a really great time to sit back and watch your baby interact with their world, every day they are busying themselves learning and exploring their environment as their senses work hard transmitting information to their brain allowing them to creatively interact with the things around them.

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It is never too early to start singing, reading and playing music for your baby, as they are constantly developing and learning through hearing from about 18 weeks old when they can first hear your tummy grumble! Mizzie is here to help with giving your little one, the best start in life, before you’ve even met.


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