Out and About With Toddlers

Baby in a pram with mini Mizzie
Family trip

We know that mums and dads are busy, but travelling or running errands with toddlers, you can’t just drop what you’re doing, and you certainly can’t leave them alone, so what do you do?

The team at Mizzie love helping mums and dads make the best of your time with bub, whilst making it as breezy as possible – so check these great tips we've found to help manage your little bundle on-the-go!

Entertainment Time
Whether you are running errands, jumping on a plane or taking a drive, entertainment is often key to keeping your little love in good spirits! Little ones can love going out and about to explore, but we all know that can change at the drop of a hat. So, to combat those boredom blues, make sure to have two or three of their favourites to keep them calm! Small toys that will distract and comfort, like teething toys, books and their favourite plush, are awesome to throw into your bag with room to spare!

At Mizzie, we recommend our mini Mizzie 100% Natural Rubber Teething Ring, as she is made for little hands to grip and it the perfect texture to distract your little one from teething gums!

Baby playing with mini Mizzie in the water

Get Your Game-plan

While toddlers thrive on the sensory exploration of the outside world, it can become overwhelming if out and about for too long - the best tip we've found to combat this is to strategize your travel or outings the best you can! Scheduling flights or travel for as close to nap-time as possible, or taking them shopping just after a good sleep, is a great way to make sure your little one will be as happy and at ease as possible during their adventures - but sometimes it's not so easy, and that's okay! Take a deep breath and get done what you need, every parent has days like that sometimes!

Protection Perfection

Infant skin is so new, precious and very sensitive! Even though you may not think it, going outdoors for a few minutes or standing at a window can cause your little one to catch some serious sun. Make sure your little one is as protected as possible and make sure to use baby-safe sunscreen on every occasion! If your travelling in the car or plane, make sure to pop a shade on the window to cut out those rays to keep bub cool and happy! 

Picnic day with Baby

The key to travelling with toddlers is to be prepared and ready to keep them entertained once their own interest in the world around them has faded and they start becoming irritable. Providing them with some sensory engagement with familiar toys will help keep them occupied and hopefully a little calmer as you travel. Mizzie and Bella-Boo are here to help.

Our ‘Books, Books, Books’ gift set is perfect for the toddler on the go. The ‘Mizzie likes to help Bella-Boo At the beach and Be active books are great for your toddler to entertain themselves with whilst out and about. The touch and feel elements of the books will keep him or her engaged as they feel their way through the story and our “sing with Mizzie, nursery rhyme book will keep them occupied as they learn to sing along with Mizzie. Before you know it you are all back home and hopefully ready for nap time.


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